Music Therapy Program

The music therapy program was launched in February 2004 in conjunction with Jesse's Foundation for Music and Dance Therapy. Jesse's Foundation was started by the mother of Jesse who was born with a rare form of eye cancer, retinoblastoma. Jesse endured many hours at Sick Kids Hospital and when he had his chemo therapy treatment he cried constantly. When the music therapist at the hospital strummed her guitar Jesse stopped crying for the first time in days. Jesse's mom, Lisa, believed so strongly in the value of music therapy to help children cope that she started the foundation. While Jesse's Foundation is no longer a part of the Optimist program we are grateful to them for helping us bring this worthwhile program to Brampton. Music therapy can be quite costly and the Optimist Club of Brampton is helping by covering part of the fee for qualified participants. The program is being held in the Brampton Soccer Centre.

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